The goal is to create a fully active reference for you…

“The greatest achievement for any company is when your people, your clients and contacts really love and admire what you do and at the same time recommend you to others, that is when you have reached the maximum in your marketing and sales as person and company: Fully Active Reference! It won’t get better…”

Working on a successful, more long-term customer journey by creating a Fully Active Reference (FAR), based on specific company DNA and the P4U-model (strategy, concept, global execution)

Do you look at the wishes and needs of your clients, or, if you are honest, maybe you just work from your own ‘bubble’...?

What is your extra value for your clients? Has it been formulated and is it well-known by all in the company?

The world is constantly on the move and goes faster than we even notice. This is what we are learning at the moment. Companies mostly work from habit, under the motto ‘this is how we have always done it’. However, without noticing we slowly lose sight of our client because we are too busy with other things on a daily basis. Time for a wake-up call and a fresh look from outside in and at the same time learning what customer value you generate. If this sounds familiar, then Progress4U would like to invite you to work together on a Fully Active Reference.

Better performance, real continuity greater profit

Has the purchasing/buying client in your company, also, without realising it disappered into the background?

What are the real core values and main activities of companies and organisations for their clients? Often the emphasis is on internal processes and structures, whereas the important element of surviving for an organisation is – the purchasing/buying customer – has unintentionally disappeared into the background. This is a natural process: organisations are organisms just like people that in the end are only concerned about themselves – this happens unintentionally – whereby the main task of ‘we are here for our clients and because of our contacts’ slips out of sight and the corporate awareness.

Often this is a process which takes years, reinforced by more internal processes and regulations. This means we are only focussed on ourselves and not with the most important: THE CLIENT, those who make it possible to make a turnover and profit, to allow the business operations to be able to continue in a healthy manner! Until they realise that there is something wrong and what should we do. What this so-called ‘what’ is, is the elementary question.

At this moment in time Progress4U is your guiding hand.

Fully Active Reference, for you! Better performance,
real continuity, greater profit

Progress4U has 1 ultimate goal for you: We strive for the ‘Fully Active Reference’. This is the situation whereby contacts and clients spontaneously advise others about your products, services and people. In other words, clients are really satisfied with your organization that they recommend you. They want to shout their praises from the rooftop to tell people how good you are. The message implied here is: If this is what you need, then use them, they are the best. This is what I experience each day in my organization.

Experience by doing and self-discovery; This is what we would like to share in a hands-on approach, driven from sales and marketing, and as a team to create customer- value for your organization and permanent, long-term connection with your clients.

Let us take you on a journey to learn anew about your company from the outside world and to take the steps needed to contribute to a successful company result and fun, and to (bring) back real pleasure in your team.

P4U: Strategy, Concept, Global Execution with your specific company DNA as determining factor

Customized and co-creation. Using the P4U-model we can develop together with your employees a tailor-made strategy for your organisation. This is carried out by looking at the organisations specific DNA and is therefore different for each organization. The first step to be taken in this process is to determine what this specific company’s DNA is exactly.

Identifying Key issues
We bring and identify the key/core issues to light which are important to your company, particularly in the area of marketing and sales. The internal organization is good but sales must continue, without sales and without a growing group of enthusiastic clients it is impossible to exist.

Progress4U allows you and your employees to rethink and reformulate the DNA of your organization – and the reason why you started the organization. This becomes a foundation to be able to serve your contacts in an optimal professional manner and to be able to execute the Fully Active Reference.

We carry this out by using the P4U-model and a clear structure of strategy, concept and execution. If necessary even worldwide, for (part)projects on effective selling and marketing and often for organizational structure.


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Your client as your best ambassador for your organization!

The client that recommends you to his colleagues – Fully Active Reference – is our ultimate goal for your organization. Together with a sophisticated marketing strategy we can make the focused client journey for your target group and for your client it is a feast of recognition and at the same time you have control over the process.

Phase 1 to get to know organization and looking at the organisations DNA
Phase 2 to develop a mission and strategy based on your DNA
Phase 3 to implement strategy in the daily operations
Phase 4 to learn, adjust, monitor, grow (reflection)

In the discovery phase we shall start to work together with the client-core team to find and formulate the DNA of the organization and the customer value. What do we do for whom and how do we do that and how should we and could/must we do that.

In the developing phase we build together with your client core team the strategy that brings all the company components together. Also a strategy that enables a maximum synergy between people and gives clarity to what their responsibilities are. The plans have been assessed and everyone knows what he or she has to do.

The nicest phase is the implementation of the strategy and plans, however, also the hardest. In this phase results are important. Ideas and plans are nice but without value when not carried out (well). Now is the time to score with each other, we are on our way, we learn on the way, we support and adjust where necessary.

Success motivates. Together we ensure small successes that eventually results in the big success, due to having worked as a team, working in the same direction and with lots of effort. To get people moving is fun and definitely when this happens due to a clear strategy where everyone works from the same goals. Working together moves you forward.

The result of this common effort is that your clients see that your employees are happy and motivated, as professionals they know what they are capable of, they know the extra value they can offer your clients on behalve of your company. Professionally and personally they can surprise your clients each day again and again which leads to your clients feeling proud with the cooperation with your organization and employees.

Because happy, enthusiastic employees and clients are the best ambassadors for your organization!

Fully Active Reference, internal and external

Progress4U offers you the possibility to realise in a purposeful way the Fully Active Reference, internally by your employees and externally by your contacts and clients. People will be inspired again and so motivated that they will spontaneously, aware or unaware, communicate and promote their working relationship with the organization and each others as being special to third parties and therefore also your clients. They in turn will also share their positive experience with whoever would like to hear it, the experience they have and have had with your organization and employees. Surely there is no better way or manner of marketing and advertising.

We can achieve with your employees this Fully Active Reference, by using the P4U-model, a proven concept of Strategy, Concept and Global Execution based on the DNA of your company.


Greater client value, better financial results

Building together a winning strategy based on your DNA, that implements and ensures a contribution to a substantial increase in customer value. Greater customer value always results in a better financial performance. This is the ultimate goal, and starting off with a clearly outlined plan and a targetted approach will always lead to success.

Yes – but then we have a great document and that is put away in a drawer. This is something we are not going to do and therefore the professionals at Progress4U help you with a hands-on approach to formulate the organisations and/or project strategy and specifically and effectively implement the strategy. This takes place together with the people in your core team, based on a clear list of tasks and strict follow-up. We make sure that your employees agreed commitment is turned into positive and motivating decisive action.

Can be used worldwide for implementation and execution

Progress4U can support your organization when implementing the strategies and concepts, and when needed even as coordinator, coach or even to lead in this process. Our knowledge and experience lies in the agri- and food business. We know from the daily reality what a global and changeable business this can be. Furthermore, even when really innovative this is often constrained by fast changing rules and regulations, especially when under pressure from public opinion. Societal debats with main themes such as food safety, climate, environment and animal welfare. Constant adaption is needed throughout the world.


We would like to discuss and inform you personally in what Progress4U could mean for your organisation. After receiving your message, we shall contact you as soon as possible.

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    Curriculum Vitae

    Erik Helmink
    Progress4U is an initiative started by Erik Helmink. In the last 30 years Erik has successfully set-up and further helped to expand the marketing, sales, service operations, product management and R&D for a number of international operating businesses within the field of agri-business. Furthermore, it mostly concerned investments that could reach sums of more than 40 million. Erik’s strength lies in his passion: to make things better for people, to enable people, as winning teams, to create a better organisation. His motivators are innovation, new ways of working, commercial success and people. His goal is to implement a fully active reference, internally and externally so that employees, clients and contacts can recognise and appreciate the benefits of their products and/or services, and therefore the organisation. In fact, they become spontaneous ambassadors of and for the organisation. This is both a structured, natural process and is always based on a more or less ambitious, but at the same time realistic goals. Erik’s modus operandi is preferably from a management role, focussed on defining a shared clear vision and strategy that involves purposeful communicative concepts that can be extended and applied worldwide. Success motivates, at each level and for all projects big and/or small. Erik’s heart lies in working for family companies where management and ownership are often combined. Erik is an independent sparring partner for the key questions when it comes to the direction and further optimizing of an organisation. On the one hand seen from the side of the wishes and needs of the organisation and on the other hand as seen from the side of the client and contacts. Erik is an optimist, somebody who convincingly speaks about possibilities and opportunities. His way of working is intensive, very involved, complete commitment, surprising, enriching, refreshing and always working towards creating a substantial added value.

    As the son of a farmer, Erik Helmink grew up in and with the agri-business. His study at the school of agriculture was the foundation for further study. He first studied Mixed Feed Technology before going on to study Commercial Economics at the Open University and then followed by Export management. In 2002 he was chosen as Export Manager of the year. However, more recently he joined the Egowijs Leadership Academy to gain further knowledge in the innovation circle. This in combination with his broad experience gives him even more insight into how the deeper connections between people and their organisations work as one system. Before starting Progress4U Erik was the Director at Hotraco Agri, before that he had board and management positions in sales, export, marketing, product management and R&D within the global Agri-industry. He has gained wide experience in working and travelling in an international setting. Amongst others Erik has set up offices and production in South America, Asia, China and the Middle East.